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Learn By Doing

Learning by doing is the simple idea that we are capable of learning more about something when we perform the action. For example, say you’re looking to play a musical instrument and were wondering how all of them sound and mix. In most other techniques, you’d be playing the instrument all by yourself in a studio. Learning by doing instead gives you a basic understanding of how to play the instrument and puts you up on a stage to play an improvised piece with other musicians.

Beyond the Books

Studies indicate that not only nature, but letting children have free play has a big impact on their overall health, and what educators call executive function. Free play is nature’s means of teaching children that they are not helpless. In play, away from adults, children do have control and can practice asserting it. In free play, children learn to make their own decisions, solve their own problems, create and abide by rules, and get along with others as equals rather than as obedient or rebellious subordinates.


How To Register Your Child for School

A parent must complete an application form for admission, which is made available to him/her by the principal of the school, together with the admission policy and the code of conduct for learners. The principal will ensure that parents are given whatever assistance they may require to complete the form.

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Ezekiel Christian School is utilizing the Accelerated Christian Education Programme (A.C.E.)

Ezekiel Christian School is utilizing the Accelerated Christian Education Programme (A.C.E.). The program range commences at the Early Childhood Development (ECD) stage with Step-by-Step for Tiny Tots, then progresses to the “Reading Readiness” programme for Grade R through to the “Learning to Read” in Grade 1 and continues in the foundation, phase up to Grade 3. A.C.E.’s academic philosophy is based on its 5 Laws of Learning. These A.C.E. foundational concepts are the cornerstone of a student’s academic success. 



SwitchedOn Program

SwitchedOn Education is a 21st century digital curriculum incorporating Christian values for schools and home-based education. This program is accredited by Cognia (NCA CASI, NWAC, SACS CASI)

• Biblical Worldview 
• Mastery Learning 
• Personalised Instruction 
• Media Rich Lessons
• Virtual Laboratories
• Project-based learning
• Continuous Assessment 
• Automatic Grading 
• Online Learner Records Management
• Contextual Course Creation 
• Accredited by Cognia
• International Qualifications

SwitchedOn Program Video


Tomorrow’s challenges can’t be solved with yesterday’s thinking.

Technological advancements

Technological advancements in every sphere of life, and the rapid rate at which it’s impacting the world means that the jobs our children will be filling in the future, probably haven’t even been created yet. In this dynamic environment, the right kind of education for your children becomes critical.

Independent Exam Board

A giant leap forward towards the future is that Online School’s learners not only receive the right kind of education, but also leave with an Independent Exam Board accredited NSC matric qualification. This alone opens up a world of possibilities for your child, enabling them to become truly global citizens, actively building and participating in a global economy.


Your child needs the kind of education that surpasses, and escapes the confines of the traditional classroom. For parents, the prohibitive costs of private school education that is as inclusive as our offering, may be out of reach. Online School not only bridges the gap between the present and the future, but also the gap between a world-class education and affordability.

individualised Attention

At Online School, our track record spans a decade. An exceptionally high pass rate, and a curriculum designed with a global culture of agility and technology, our learners are positioned as academic leaders. A high level of interaction between learner and teacher is established.  This means that your child never needs to feel alone, in front of a computer screen. With individualised attention and specialist teaching staff, your child has the best chance at achieving success in a world that never stops changing.